“Austin has a very unique musical style. It’s as though he just lets the music come through him with no real effort. Every song we have worked on together has been like fresh air to me. I’m so happo know him and work with him.”

Jon Anderson (Voice of the band “Yes”)

“I have worked with Austin for the past 6 years, and simply put, he’s one of my favorite persons to work with and definitely the best composer which whom I’ll ever have the chance to collaborate. Austin has a knack for finding great textures and sounds to his compositions. He takes any idea I give him and comes back with a superb and emotional track. He likes to say that music is the soul to a game –And I’ll say that he’s correct because he puts so much soul into the games I design. Through the 6 years we’ve worked together, Austin has managed to create the spectacular soundtrack to The Silver Lining, one of the most beloved aspect of the games by the fans. He received great reviews from the press and very much deserved. If you ever decide to give him some work, you will never be disappointed. He knows how to read directors, and gives them exactly what they want.”

-Cesar Bittar  (Director & CEO – Phoenix Online Studios)

“Austin is now one of my top 5 composers. His music is moving and engaging. There is so much emotion and passion and heart and soul in every note he writes. And his talent is immensely versatile. I do not believe there is a genre of music that Austin cannot excel at. For “The Silver Lining,” Austin wrote lush, orchestral scores that carried the emotional and spiritual themes of the game, heightening the intensity and drama of each scene. In “Cognition,” he completely reinvented himself by playing driven guitar riffs, incorporating electronic and acoustic music; again, elevating the intensity and emotion of each scene of the game. His music was truly the heart and soul of our games. I hope that we are honored to have his talent grace our projects again in the future.”

Michael Fortunato (Art Director – Phoenix Online Studios)

Austin’s a great guy to work with. Not only on a personal level, but professional as well. He has the gift to give every scene a matching music piece which just emerges you into every single bit of it. He’s also really critical on his own work, and takes the feedback he gets very seriously. So, in a nutshell, if you need music for your projects, whether it has to be dramatical, epic, easy-listening, etherial, etc. etc., look no further, Austin’s your guy! Highly recommended!

Allert Van Der Leij (Lead Artist)

“Austin Haynes’ ability to interpret a moment and breathe life into it with original, inspiring and emotional music is one of his many talents. In film and video productions, he achieves high-qualiy results with a quick turnaround without difficulty. His music is layered with levels of originality that beg for repeat listening. He is a thoughtful collaborator, an intuitive composer, and highly intelligent in the language of music.”

Todd Lampe (Director – Precipice Productions)

It was a delight to work with Austin on a personalized piece for my significant other. From start to finish, Austin was quick to respond to my e-mails, and consistently showed great energy, understanding, and enthusiasm for the project. He created a sensitive, sweet, hopeful score just like I had in mind, and the piece became an essential part of a very special proposal. I highly recommend Austin as a talented composer and excellent communicator. I was inspired by his game scores, and very pleased with his work on this much smaller project. Thank you!!!

J. Jensen (Client)